About The University Museum of Bergen

The University Museum is placed in the heart of the city of Bergen, and consists of two beautiful museum buildings surrounded by a botanical garden. The Museum Garden is the tranquil extension of to the University Museum's iconic Natural History building in the city centre, and the Arboretum and Botanical Garden occupy an area of stunning natural beauty 23 km south of Bergen centre at Milde.

The museum has two main buildings on the University of Bergen city campus for public exhibitions, the Natural History building erected in 1865, and the Cultural History building erected in 1927. In 2022 The Cultural History building unfortunately closed long term for rehabilitation.
At The University Museum you can see some of Norways

display objects from our cultural and natural historic collection.

In the exhibitions we also take you on a journey and explain how knowledge is produced at a University. You will meet both science and research from the museums own researchers as well as the research from all over the University of Bergen. 

The University Museum it a multi-disciplinary research institution comprising natural and cultural history. The University Museum is responsible for collection, documentation, preservation, research and dissemination within its museum disciplines. The University Museums collections are an invaluable and international infrastructure for research. The disciplines are anthropology, archeology and art and cultural history, botany, geology and zoology.

The University has over 200 employees divided into The Administration, Department for Collection Management, Department of Cultural History, Department of Natural History and Department of Science and Research Communication.