Elusive biodiversity: a journey through the less known but most exquisite groups of marine animals

Fredag 19. april 2024 kl. 14.00 –14.30

Naturhistorie - Forhandlingsrommet

Elysia viridis, a photosynthetic animal (sea slug). Photo: Manuel A. Malaquias, UiB/UM
Elysia viridis, a photosynthetic animal (sea slug).
Manuel A. Malaquias, UiB/UM

Meet the scientists of the Museum and learn about our research!


In this series of four seminars researchers of the Natural History Museum of Bergen (University of Bergen) will talk about the wonders and secretes of marine life in Norway and beyond. Come and join us in this unique journey through some of the most fascinating and exquisite groups of marine organisms in our oceans and find out more about their ecology, evolution, and adaptations.


Dolphins and whales, sharks and rays, oysters and octopuses, lobsters and crabs, jelly-and starfish are just a few examples of marine animals that everyone knows at least a little about, but life in the sea goes well beyond these more familiar organisms. Most groups inhabiting the ocean are of small size, difficult to see, and don’t end up on our plate, but they also have fascinating evolutionary histories and lifestyles and play key roles keeping the balance and health of our oceans. This talk is dedicated to this elusive fauna made of mud dragons, girdle wearers, symbions, sea slugs, among others.

Manuel Malaquias, is a professor of invertebrate systematics and curator of molluscs at the Department of Natural History of the University Museum of Bergen (University of Bergen).


Entry: Free - collect ticket at museumshop

Targeted public: High school students / university students / general public

Language: Seminar will be held in English

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

Møt forskerne ved museet, og bli kjent med deres forskning!


I denne serien på fire seminarer vil forskere ved Naturhistorisk museum i Bergen (Universitetet i Bergen) snakke om underverkene og hemmelighetene til livet i havet i Norge og utover. Kom og bli med oss ​​på denne unike reisen gjennom noen av de mest fascinerende og utsøkte gruppene av marine organismer i havene våre og finn ut mer om deres økologi, evolusjon og tilpasninger.


Gratis inngang, hent din billett i butikken.

Seminaret blir holdt på engelsk.