DNA Barcoding, DNA taxonomy and integrative taxonomy: separating the wheat from the chaff

Onsdag 13. november 2019 kl. 10.15 –23.59

Auditoirium 3, Realfagsbygget UiB

Systematics Forum Seminar Series
Systematics Forum Seminar Series

Systematics Forum Seminar Series


The DNA Barcoding revolution started in 2004, and soon after had to face severe criticisms, mainly from taxonomists. Among other deadly sins, they accused the DNA barcoders to ignore the traditional approaches, and, by doing so, to reinforce the taxonomic impediment, instead of reducing it. But most of the controversy was based on misunderstandings, and if clarifications have been proposed about what DNA Barcoding can and cannot do, it remains sometimes difficult to conciliate it with traditional taxonomy. During my talk, I will thus (re-)define what is DNA Barcoding, in its restricted sense but also in its expanded applications, such as DNA taxonomy, and, when combined with other characters, criteria and methods of species delimitation, integrative taxonomy. I will insist of the differences between specimen identification and species delimitation, and will also elaborate on recent advances in the so-called” species concept debate”. I will conclude with several examples, to illustrate why apparent contradictions between different characters, such as DNA and morphology, actually help not only to reinforce the species hypotheses, but also to propose hypotheses on the processes at their origin.


Organized by: Section of Taxonomy & Evolution, Department of Natural History, University Museum, UiB

With Prof. Nicolas Puillandre


Institut Systématique Evolution Biodiversité (ISYEB), Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, CNRS, Sorbonne Université, EPHE, Université des Antilles, 57 rue Cuvier, CP 26, 75005 Paris, France