History, truth and memory: The challenge of Holocaust denial

Lørdag 26. oktober 2019 kl. 14.00 –15.30


Naturhistorie, Tårnsal

Muséplassen 3


What can universities and historians do?

Although no crime in history has been as well-documented as the systematic murder of European Jews by Nazi-Germany, Holocaust deniers contend that it never happened.

Disguised in the form of critical scholarship (“revisionism”), they propagate their “truth” unaffected by historical counter-evidence, claiming that the Holocaust is a gigantic hoax based on a Jewish conspiracy.

At a time when most of the eyewitnesses are gone, historical knowledge about the Second World War is diminishing, and right-wing propagandists are using the internet’s potential for reaching people at an unprecedented scale, Holocaust denial has become a challenge for democratic societies.
Meet history professor Sir Richard J. Evans (Cambridge), one of the leading modern historians of our time, who served as expert witness in the David Irving v Penguin books (UK) and Deborah Lipstadt trial.

Keynote: “History, Truth and Memory: Reflections on a Holocaust Denial libel action.”, Sir Richard J. Evans (Cambridge)

Moderator: Christhard Hoffmann, Professor of Modern European History, AHKR, UiB

Kjetil B. Simonsen, Historian, Jewish Museum, Oslo
Ingeborg Senneset, journalist, writer and board member of Norwegian PEN.

This seminar is arranged by UiB Innsikt.

The seminar is free. We serve coffee/tea and a bite to eat. The seminar is held in Tårnsal, located at the top of The University Museum, Natural History at Muséplassen 3.


Contact person: Bente Krossøy


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