Cairban: A Contemporary Shark Hunt

Lørdag 14. januar 2023 kl. 13.00 –13.20

Universitetsmuseet, Naturhistorie

Muséplass 3

5007 Bergen

A rock in the port of the isle of Coll, Scotland, looks like it could be a shark fin in the morning mist
Miriam Sentler, 2021

Cairban: A Contemporary Shark Hunt is a performance by visual artist Miriam Sentler (NL/DE) and environmental humanities researcher Sadie Hale (NO/UK). The work is rooted in a three-day sea voyage on the North Atlantic, in which the duo set out in search of the oil-producing basking shark.

Cairban comments on modern surveillance technologies used in wildlife spotting, now a practice fueling the tourism industry of the Scottish Hebrides instead of the oil industry. This advanced modern technology is contrasted with the crude early methods described in historical reports of Hebridean shark hunters and the crew's own non-encounter, emphasizing how the 'wild' and mythical still evades capture today. 

On Saturday the 14th of January, Sadie and Miriam will give a performance in the whale hall, consisting of reading a travelogue in the middle of a so-called “shark wheel”. The performance highlights the unrealistic expectations of the crew and reflects on the changing of the human relationship to the shark throughout time.

Duration: 20 minutes
Language: English


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