Sightlines in the museum - Litfest Bergen 2022

Fredag 11. februar 2022 kl. 11.00 –11.20

Hvalsalen - Naturhistorie

Hvalskjelettyer hvalsalen
Havlsalen - Naturhistorie.
Adnan Icagic © Universitetsmuseet i Bergen

Sightlines in the museum

In addition to a number of poetry collections, Kathleen Jamie – Scotland’s national poet – has written three books of essays. One of these, Sightlines, contains a piece on Bergen's Whale Hall: graveyard of giants. We look forward to a meeting between author, whales and audience in the University Museum’s Whale Hall.

The event will be in English.

Price: 60/30 (student/honnør)

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Arrangement av Bergen International Literary Festival